Rent boats in San Antonio (Ibiza)

iSea rents boats in San Antoni, Ibiza for which no type of sailing licence is required. Really! You’re not dreaming. You don’t need a licence. For those with experience we also have 2 more powerful models available which require a basic navigation licence.

Our operational base is in Sant Antoni de Portmany in the west of the island in one of the main tourist areas. It’s the perfect starting point for visiting Ibiza’s best coves, such as Salada, Cala Conta and Gracioneta, among others.

Imagine watching the sunset from a boat, equipped with everything you need to enjoy a day on the water. Would you like to try a new activity during your holiday and see Ibiza from a different point of view?

Boating around Ibiza and being a skipper is easy. Just pick the boat you want from our fleet, make your booking, and turn up at the port on the day you have chosen to go sailing. It couldn’t be easier! Our boats for rent in San Antoni are easy to handle, comfortable and safe. All you need to do is have a good time.

Just because you don’t have a licence, it doesn’t mean you can only rent a basic, no-frills boat. No way! We can offer you the five-metre, super-stylish Element E5 or the fast, versatile Selva D470, which you are sure to love. If you want a unique holiday experience, come and see how it feels to sail the Mediterranean alone, or with your partner or friends. Be your own skipper for the day and bring out the sailor in you for a half day by renting a boat without a licence in Ibiza. Whichever you choose, it will be a wonderful experience that you won’t forget!

Boating in Ibiza WITHOUT A LICENCE

Iseaboats is a company that rents boats without a licence.

Yes, it’s true. Without needing a sailing licence.

What’s more, if you want to leave it to us, we offer:

  • On board food and drink service.
  • Snorkelling equipment and inflatable mattresses.

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About our fleet… What kind of boat would you like? OUR AMAZING FLEET OF BOATS

320.00 € /for half a day
  • Licence: Not necessary
  • Manufactured: 2017
  • Engine: Mercury 15 hp
  • No. of passengers: 5
  • Large / Width: 4.9 / 2.1 m
  • Base port: San Antonio Portmany
300.00 € /for half a day
  • Licence: Not necessary
  • Manufactured: 2017
  • Motor: Selva 15 cv
  • No. of passengers: 6
  • Length / Sleeve: 4.7 / 2.3m
  • Base port: San Antonio Portmany
180.00 € /for half a day
  • Licence: Not necessary
  • Manufactured: 2017
  • Motor: Selva 15 cv
  • Nº pers.: 6
  • Length / Sleeve: 4.7 / 2.3m
200.00 € /for half a day
  • Licence: Not necessary
  • Manufactured: 2017
  • Motor: Mercury 15cv
  • No. of passengers: 5
  • Large / Width: 4.9 / 2.1 m
  • Base port: San Antonio Portmany

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When you book, you must pay 40% of the total boat rental price in advance. We will collect the remaining 60% from your credit card when you take possession of the boat.
The meeting point to pick up the Bayliner Element is here: 38.97778, 1.298541 (coordinates for Google Maps).
The meeting poing to pick up the Selva D470 is: 38.97030, 1.293804
If you do not return the boat by the stated time, you will be charged an additional 25% of the contract amount for every 30 minutes’ delay.
The cost of the fuel is not included in the price of the rental and must be paid by the customer. The fuel consumed will be checked and the corresponding cost calculated upon return of the boat. For your consideration, the boats that require no licence usually consume from 10 to 15 litres in a half-day rental and from 15 to 20 litres in a whole day. Consumption varies depending on the distance travelled, wind direction, currents and the number of occupants.
Our boats are new, and so far, this hasn’t happened, however, if you have an issue, drop the anchor to stop the boat from drifting, and then call us on +34 644 900 678. There’s nothing to worry about, because we have an agreement with a service that will tow you back to port. We will notify them and tell them your location.
In case of rough seas, strong wind, rain, or other weather conditions that make it impossible to navigate safely, we will refund your money or arrange another day for you to rent the boat, whichever you prefer.
When you collect the boat, you must pay a €450 deposit to cover any possible damage. When you return the boat, we will inspect it for damage and then return your deposit if everything is in order.
There is no limit on the number of miles you can travel. However, with the boats that don’t require a licence you may not go beyond the navigation limits marked on the map in the “Routes” section.
Only the permitted number of occupants are allowed on the boat.
Driving the boat under the influence of alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden. If you drive under the influence of alcohol, you may be prosecuted and punished by law in the same way you would if driving a car.

Sant Antoni de Portmany (Ibiza) HEADQUARTERS

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